Captain Allen V. cox

Hi this is Captain Allen V. Cox “Skip” as I am often referred too by friends and clients."My Yacht is the Historic vessel "Shangri-La" Built and owned by the late great Robert "Bob" Mitchum"

My background is “Sea Scouts” “Navel Cadets” Fishing Trawlers, some Cargo Ships. Many Sailing yachts many motor Yachts. Mostly North Sea!

"I have held a love for the Sea since a very young age! Living on the Coast of Dorset has this effect on you"
"1st Arrived Turkey 1980"

Turkey holds some of the very best Coast Line in Mediterranean Sea's Full of History and Historical Ruins Turkey is a vast open air Museum which run the whole length of the Amazing turquoise coast a great many you can see all from the comfort of your own Yacht!

" I would say some of the finest Cruising in the world is along the Turkish Coastline" It is why I keep coming back!
"Areas such as Dalyan River and Caunos are without doubt “Breath taking”
View Ancient Rock Tombs Carved into the mountains replicas of the deceased homes where they were laid to rest.
"I cater to most tastes and my Knowledge of these waters is vast",

Be it R&R or History or Even Night life it is all here and even some of the off laying Greek islands have a great deal to offer Kastellorizon “ Blue Grotto” a sight and memory you will hold even sunken submarine can be viewed off this island memories that last long after the holiday is over,

"View Sunken Cities of a past age "Kekova Roads" we sail right over the sunken homes you can view from the Decks of Shangri-La",

I am Allen Cox, your captain. This classic 25 meter motor yacht was built for famous film star Robert Mitchum...

We are located at Marti Marina.
"Shangri-La" has dual Home Ports, with moorings in Orhanye, Marmaris, SW Turkey...

Charters are available on a range of terms, according to cruising area and client preference.
The most popular..

Are you planning a special day and looking for something different? Just imagine…



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